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Perfecting your golf swing

Golf requires tremendous amounts of mobility and stability from the whole body. Yet it is often played by people who are otherwise sedentary, i.e. spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk or in a car, or who are a bit older. Fransien Rossouw Physiotherapist assists golfers in perfecting their golf swing by improving balance of stability and mobility throughout their body. Working side by side with the golf trainer, we can assist you in reaching your performance goals in golf and specifically lowering your handicap.

To get your perfect swing, you need a great amount of:

  • Hip rotation
  • Spinal rotation (throughout the whole spine)
  • Shoulder external and internal rotation
  • Elbow flexion and extension
  • Wrist extension
  • Core stability (hip, pelvic and trunk stability and strength)
  • Healthy fascial (connective tissue) mobility throughout the body

If you don’t have these physical ‘tools’ to start with, you’ll most probably struggle to reach your full potential in golfing. It is also likely that you will injure yourself – either acutely or repetitively. The body is one continuous chain – if one part of the chain is not mobile enough, the part above or below will compensate by moving beyond its normal range and, with time, cause injury. In the same way, if one part is too mobile (due to lack of stability), it can falter over time with repetitive use.

Not having a good balance of stability and mobility throughout your body will therefore greatly affect the amplitude as well as precision of your swing.

How we assist

We assess where in your body you are lacking mobility and/or stability, specifically pertaining to the requirements of golf and the areas you struggle with.

We then design a personalised exercise program to address what was found lacking in the assessment. We teach you these exercises and stretches, whereafter you can continue doing these on your own and/or return for supervised exercise therapy sessions at regular intervals. The exercises will be progressed as you improve. It may be necessary to do manual therapy (myofascial release, massage, spinal mobilisation, dry needling, etc.) to improve your body’s mobility and ease of movement.

As you acquire the physical tools needed for a good golf swing, you may find that you are reaping more benefits from your technique training.

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